Katie Elizabeth Yorkshire


A Sinned-gal. Single.

Is it really a sin to be single?

 “People always go, ‘Aren’t you afraid of being alone or dying alone?’ And I just go, ‘I’ve also been in relationships where I’ve been shockingly alone.’ I don’t agree with the idea that you have to have that or it’s a failed life.” - George Clooney

The term 'single' is a fluid concept, it means different things to different people, but most commonly it is perceived negatively by people who have never given single life a chancePeople actually FEAR being single. The thought of single life, for some, consumes them with anxiety. These are the same people who stop themselves from escaping relationships that are waay past their sell-by-date, all because the prospect of being single is dire, horrific, embarrassing, empty...and the list goes on. People stay in failing relationships because of the sinned single status...'There's too much space on the other side of my bed' 'How will I spend my Sundays?'. Enjoy the beautiful freedom of star-fishing and rolling around with no one to worry about. Eventually we'll get married, so we've got the rest of our lives to share a bed with someone and claim our side

So why is being single such a shameful concept? People make out that being single equals a dark, dark loneliness and from their perspective, there is nothing more to it than that. People genuinely think you are a loner, an unwanted, unused toy that's been left to age on the shelf. It's so cliché and so incorrect. Being single doesn't mean living life like Bridget Jones. Sorry but the rumours aren't true, we do not cry in to our Ben and Jerry's tub at night longing for love and affection. Instead we have a thriving social life with friends. We go out to enjoy ourselves, not to 'pull' and if a handsome man speaks to us on a night out, grand, but if not, who cares?


NothingBut nourishment, NothingBut goodness: A foodie snack review

With portraits of nutritional eats filling our Instagram feeds, and the likes of healthy foodies Deliciously Ella and Madeleine Shaw changing the way we look at our diets, it's safe to say that 2016 has become a big year for clean eating. So, let's talk about the newest nibbles available on the market: healthy snacks by a brand called NothingBut. NothingBut's bags of joy are the first frozen dried snack available right now: a revolution for the snacking industry. This means us guys and gals finally have a guilt-free snack to fill our hangry tummies during that lengthy period between breakfast and lunchtime! 


Hats off to Heads Up Festival: Kardomah94 presents LO:CUS Dance Theatre

Hello, hello. This week I have an exciting blog post to share with you all. Everyone knows I love to blog and wonderfully I was invited by Kardomah 94 to review a contemporary dance group performing in this months Heads Up Festival - yay! For those of you who don't know Kardomah 94, let me begin with saying - you're missing out. It's a lovely little place in Hull City Centre, located near Queen’s Gardens. Kardomah 94 provides not only a great restaurant to munch in, but also showcases local and regional talent in its handy, atmospheric theatre space at the back.


Post Grad life

Scrolling through Facebook, us graduates cry into our keyboards, seeing posts from newby freshers having a bloody ball in their first few weeks at uni. With this, we also laugh at their complaints - tweeting that their uni schedule is annoying and whinging about what they think is a 'heavy' work load (wait until second and third year my dears). But mostly, we envy them - we want to be reliving those three years from start to finish. We want to be going to our first lecture all over again, taking a stroll round our new city centre and meeting new people who turn out to be best friends (and carers on nights out).